12th December 2018 (DAY-1)

Welcome Address by Mr Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of
Excellence for Leadership &
Chairman, Ambuja-Neotia Group
Special Address Mr Ajay Thakur
Keynote Address Smt. Vandana Yadav, IAS*
Managing Director
West Bengal Industrial Development
Corporation Limited
Concluding Remarks
1100 – 1115 Hrs Networking Tea/Coffee
1115 – 1145 Hrs SESSION – I

India is witnessing a rapid growth in entrepreneurship fueled by an ambitious generation comprising of the youngest population in the world. In an environment increasingly dominated by domestic as well as Global Headwinds, aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand the macro forces that are affecting the way business are started, nurtured and grown.

The session will discuss the critical trends which are defining the future of entrepreneurial success. It will also showcase how nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets to adapt to rapid developments in business technologies and creating support infrastructure such as startup incubators can further accelerate the entrepreneurial drive in India.

Opening Remarks by Session Moderator Mr. Viresh Oberoi
Co-founder& Chairman
Founder and former MD&CEO mjunction
Services Limited
President TiE Kolkata
Keynote Address Mr Joydeep Datta Gupta
Deloitte India
Open Audience Interaction
1145 – 1150 Hrs Session Change Over
1150 – 1240 Hrs SESSION - II

The process of successfully building a startup into sustained years of performance may be one of the most difficult endeavors in all of entrepreneurial leadership. While smaller ventures may find early tailwinds or a market niche for a service or product that grows, most ventures require a robust business strategy that factors in any number of future case scenarios and business variables. To be able to grow rapidly, entrepreneurs require a macro perspective of broader market trends, understand the potential challenges confronting the business and gain an appreciation of the factors that are critical to perform sustainably over the long term.

The session will highlight the time tested guidelines of getting basic strategy elements on a drawing board and developing an operational business plan that allows scaling-up while factoring in market meta-trends that will define the future of the business. It will also deliberate upon the common business challenges that hinder business growth that will enable participants to strategize for risk management and avoid a potential debt trap.

KEY TAKEAWAYS : • Develop a robust business strategy that can cope with sudden disruptions

• Develop counter-strategies to outflank competition

• Implement Incremental Innovation across business functions

• Identify meta-trends influencing Industry

Opening remarks by session Moderator Mr Roopen Roy
Founder and CEO
Sumantrana Management
Keynote Address by Mr Gautham Mukkavilli
Former Senior Business Leader at Pepsico,
Advisor and Strategy Consultant
Panel Discussion
Panellists Mr Gautham Mukkavilli
Mr Sushil Jhunjhunwala
Executive Vice Chairman
La-Opala RG Limited
Mr Shitanshu Jhunjhunwala
Turtle Limited
Mr Rohit Jalan
Head – International Business
Linc Pen & Plastics Limited
Mr Utsav Kothari
Embee Software
Open Audience Interaction
1240 – 1245 Hrs Session Change Over
1245 – 1335 Hrs SESSION - III

Technology has enabled a new generation of entrepreneurs to disrupt traditional formats of doing business. Entrepreneurs are now reaching out to a wider geographical audience to garner business growth that is powered by consumers who are digitally connected. While the core traits of successful entrepreneurs remains constant, a new generation is constantly exploring ways to leverage technology by measuring and analyzing consumer data from sales, digital marketing activities, operations and development efforts. In addition, the rapid growth of e-commerce and online marketplaces has vast potential opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to expand to newer markets and consumers.

This session will highlight the impact of technology on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The panel will discuss how successful entrepreneurs are integrating technology and marketing in a world where data, analytics and cloud platforms are re-defining the business landscape. It will also highlight how digital marketplaces are offering ambitious entrepreneurs unique business benefits such as the access to billions of global consumers, a solid transactional framework driving more efficient transactions and a wealth of customer analytics and software tools to drive business growth.

Key Takeaways: • Leveraging the power of enabling technologies across business functions

• Capitalizing on opportunities provided by Digital Marketplaces

• Using technology to provide practical benefits and long term value to consumers

Opening remarks by Session Moderator: Mr Vasant Subramanyan
Founder and CEO
Last Peak Group
Keynote Presentation Mr Subhobroto Chakroborty
Founder & Chief Digital Consultant
The Digital Fellow
Panellists Mr Subhobroto Chakroborty
Mr Ravi Sharma
Shree Venkatesh Films
Mr Abhishek Rungta
Chief Executive Officer
Indus Net Technologies
Mr Kumar P Saha
Managing Director
Senrysa Technologies Private Limited
Open Audience Interaction
1335 – 1435 Hrs Networking Lunch

1435 – 1530 Hrs SESSION - IV

The starting point for any successful Entrepreneurial Venture is the right idea and to be able to translate this Vision into a viable and sustainable business model is the challenge confronting any entrepreneur. First time entrepreneurs are often confounded by the seemingly endless complexities involved in starting a business, scaling up growth and ultimately taking the venture public. To truly succeed, they must possess a holistic view of the market they are in and how they have to eventually grow their business in order to meet funding requirements by ultimately take the venture public.

The session will provide an overview of the entire gamut of the entrepreneurial experience spanning idea generation, defining a business’s mission, developing a sound marketing strategy, raising funds and dealing with Investors and Venture Capitalists. The session will also highlight the ways in which successful entrepreneurs create wealth and value for stakeholders and can eventually take a venture company public through an IPO.

Session Introduction by Mr Aloke Mookherjea
Chairman,CII-SNCEL Advisory
Committee & Chairman, Solyvent Flakt India Pvt. Ltd
Keynote Presentation by: Mr Ashok Soota
Executive Chairman
Happiest Minds Technologies
Open Audience Interaction
1530 – 1535 Hrs Session Change Over
1535 – 1625 Hrs SESSION - V

The biggest enabler and the most neglected aspect of any scale-up operation is Human Capital. As organizations scales its business and operations, successful Human Capital management will ensure that organizations has relevant talent and the updated people skills at all levels. Attracting, developing and managing People acts as an enabler that will power and fuel successful scaling-up. Organizational culture also plays a very crucial role that upholds the broad vision and is an adhesive which keeps the team together.

The other aspect that entrepreneurs must balance is business cyclicality and proportionate demand of skilled manpower. One of the ways entrepreneurs can balance this is by utilizing the emerging Gig Economy. Organizations uses gig workers to increase their workforce during periods of peak demand, such as the holiday season. Businesses with a flexible workforce no longer need to lay off employees and carry the accompanying financial burden.

The session will highlight best approaches for attracting and retaining talent, creating a company culture that is conducive to growth, and how company founders and manage people aspirations in a fast growing organization. It will also discuss how to leverage the Gig Economy optimally to balance cyclical people demands of growing organizations.


• Understand how to manage talent effectively (attract, hire and retain best talent) to power scaling-up
• Understand how to leverage the Open Talent Economy effectively.
• Learn Best Practices for cultivating a healthy and productive company culture

Opening remarks by Session moderator
Keynote Presentation Ms Carmistha Mitra
VP- HR, M&M Ltd.
Board of Director
Mahindra Group
Panel Discussion
Panellists Ms Carmistha Mitra
Mr Nihar Ranjan Ghosh
President – HR
Emami Limited
Open Audience Interaction
1625 – 1640 Hrs Networking Tea/Coffee
1640 – 1715 Hrs SESSION - VI

In a highly competitive business environment, products and services are increasingly becoming indistinguishable. Entrepreneurs who launch original offerings without focusing on a brand-plan eventually realize that rocket-science innovation can be quickly commoditized by competitors with similar offerings. Successful entrepreneurs build brands and leverage it to expand the business, increase sales, enhance credibility and the bottom line. However, many entrepreneurs are oblivious to the tremendous benefits provided by the branding exercise and instead focus on promoting a business model that is cantered on the product and does not prioritize consumer engagement.

The session will showcase proven brand strategies that entrepreneurs can use to change business trajectories. In an internet and social media driven world, it will highlight how businesses miss the mark without a comprehensive brand plan that specifically conveys what the venture represents, the value its offerings bring to its customers and incorporates critical strategies that focus on consumer engagement.

Opening remarks and context setting by: Prof Chandradeep Mitra
Advisor and Mentor
IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
Keynote Presentation by: Mr Abhimanyu Mathur
Executive Vice President
Lowe Lintas
Open Audience Interaction
1715 – 1720 Hrs Session Change Over
1720 – 1805 Hrs Special Plenary Session
Welcome Address Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of
Excellence for Leadership
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia Group
Special Address Dr. Sanjeev Chopra
Additional ChiefSecretary, Department of
Industry Commerce & Enterprises, and Director
General, Administrative Training Institute,
Government of West Bengal
Open Audience Interaction
Concluding remarks Mr. Sanjay Budhia
Managing Director
Patton Group
1805 Hrs. onwards Networking High Tea

13th December 2018 (DAY-2)

0900 – 0955 Hrs Parallel Mentoring Tracks
0955 – 1000 Hrs Session Change Over
1000 – 1045 Hrs SESSION - VII

The process from ideation to business implementation is an arduous journey and being part of the right network and having access to the right mentors can make all the difference. A good mentor-protégé relationship can be game-changing for an entrepreneur, and it is important that both understand how they can make the engagement meaningful and productive.

The session will deliberate on how mentor driven entrepreneurs eventually transform into the business leaders of tomorrow. Experts will also highlight the characteristics of a successful long term mentor – mentee relationship including clearly defined expectations, mutual respect, shared values and reciprocity.
Opening remarks by Session moderator Prof Chandradeep Mitra
Advisor and Mentor
IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
Keynote Address by: Mr Hari Balasubramanian
Investor, Advisor & Mentor
Panel Discussion
Panellists Mr Hari Balasubramanian
Mr K Dasaratharaman
Management Consultant
Educator and Coach
Mr. Surojit Roy
Head of Operations
Neotec Hub
Ambuja Neotia Incubation Private Limited
Open Audience Interaction
1045 – 1050 Hrs Session Change Over
1050 – 1140 Hrs SESSION - VIII

Access to seed finance remains a critical barrier to entrepreneurial success.For early stage entrepreneurs , investors can be hard to convince as they are taking on a serious risk. In this context, successful entrepreneurs must think creatively about how to acquire cash as well as understand how various funding options fit in to the overall business plan and long term strategy.

The session will discuss various funding alternatives available to entrepreneurs such as angel Investors, banks, SME Exchanges and crowdfunding. Experts will highlight the importance of aligning the funding exercise with the long termbusiness plan to avoid negative cash flows, frequent working capital shortages and even bankruptcy. The session will highlight how a persistent focus on bottom-line ensures business growth and risk mitigation.


• Understand the challenges in obtaining seed finance
• Assess appropriate funding alternatives that align with the long term business strategy
• Focus on bottom-line to drive sustained business growth

Opening remarks by Session moderator Mr Vasant Subramanyan
Founder & CEO
Last Peak Group
Mahindra Group
Keynote Presentation on Funding Alternatives – A Macro Perspective Dr Subhrangshu Sanyal
IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
Panel Discussion
Panellists Dr Subhrangshu Sanyal
Mr Tojo Banerjee
Vice President & Regional Head
National Stock Exchange of India Ltd
Open Audience Interaction
1140 – 1200 Hrs Networking Tea/Coffee

1240 – 1245 Hrs SESSION - IX


Entrepreneurial success stories are often incomplete without the element of failure. Aspiring entrepreneurs routinely confront dwindling cash flows, a demotivated team, anxious investors and even bankruptcy. These existential crises require deft management and a comprehensive business turnaround strategy that the entrepreneur needs to visualize and execute across the venture.

Experts will deliberate on the approaches to identify common symptoms of impending business failure and the challenges faced by nascent businesses. The session will highlight the importance of a long term business perspective in confronting failures as well as proven strategies that entrepreneurs can incorporate to engineer radical business turnarounds.


• Identifying the common challenges confronting entrepreneurs
• Understanding the symptoms of failure and their appropriate diagnosis
• Understanding the major risk factors inherent in a given business model
• How incorporating lessons from failures helps engineer future turnarounds

Opening remarks by Session moderator Mr Kalyan Kar
Co-founder & Director
InQube Innoventures Private Limited
Panel Discussion
Panellists Mr Somenath Mukherjee
Founder & CEO
Hearing Plus
Mr Varun Biyani
Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Dr Somnath Chatterjee
Founder & Director
Suraksha Diagnostic Private Limited
Open Audience Interaction
1245 – 1250 Hrs Session Change Over


Entrepreneurs need to possess critical skills to get their businesses off the ground – tenacity, imagination, drive and a strong work ethic, to name but a few. But as the business expands, the skillset required begins to shift; in particular, entrepreneurs need to transform into great leaders, capable of inspiring colleagues and empowering a growing workforce to keep pushing the enterprise forward. During the scale up and beyond, successful entrepreneurs need to make the shift into managing and leading a corporate organization.

The session will showcase notable success stories and personal leadership lessons from eminent entrepreneurs who have successfully made the transition from a nascent venture into a large scale business enterprise. It will highlight the critical leadership traits that entrepreneurs need to cultivate in order to ensure translate their vision into a robust and sustainable organization.

Opening remarks by Session moderator Mr Pradeep Gooptu
Founder Trustee
Kolkata Debating Circle
Fireside Chat amongst: Mr Sunil Kanoria
Co-founder and Vice Chairman
SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited
Ms Agnimitra Paul
CII Indian Women Network
West Bengal and Fashion Designer
Entrepreneur and Social Activist
Ms Rochita Dey
Sreeleathers Limited
Open Audience Interaction
1335 – 1350 Hrs. Concluding Session
1350 onwards Networking Lunch