12th December 2017 (DAY-1)

0900 – 1000 Hrs Registration
1000 – 1100 Hrs INAGURAL SESSION
1100 – 1130 Hrs Tea/Coffee Break
1130 – 1230 Hrs SESSION - I

Policy & the First Generation Entrepreneur

Session Objectives: Policy makers have an extremely important role to play in creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. As countries and even regions vie with each other to attract entrepreneurs and have them drive their local economies, what are the common threads for successful policy makers to consider and what pitfalls do they need to avoid.

Session Outline: How has policy impacted entrepreneurship? What elements of policies have contributed to entrepreneur success. How can policy stay a step ahead of the needs of entrepreneurship?

Key Takeaways: Understand the importance of policy and how to derive benefit from it? Future of policy as it related to entrepreneurship? How will the government stay ahead of entrepreneur needs and remain relevant in future? Critique of relevant policies for entrepreneurship in India
1230 – 1315 Hrs SESSION - II

“Walk the Talk: Insights into an Entrepreneur’s Journey”

Objectives: Walk the journey of a first-generation entrepreneur, and the many pitfalls that preceded their eventual success. In doing soprovide context to the conference proceedings.

Takeaways: Participate in the story of an entrepreneur who refused to give up in the face of extreme adversity. Generalize the challenges and pitfalls that they faced at various stages of their life and how they overcame each of them.

What is the stakeholder eco-system that contributed to their success and how can the emerging entrepreneur community gain from engaging with their own eco-systems

What are the driving motivations on the path? What matters?
1315 – 1415 Hrs Networking Lunch/ Prescheduled One-to-one Sessions
1415 – 1530 Hrs SESSION - III

Getting the Strategy Right: The Bridge to Success & Sustainability

Session Outline: Entrepreneurial initiatives that are created without a plan or strategy in place, are more likely to fail than those where the entrepreneur invests the time to create a likely plan in place. At the heart of these plans is a simple but well defined and robust scale-up strategy. Entrepreneurs need to identify the market they seek to target, understand their current state and gain an appreciation of what is required to scale their businesses. This may include revisiting the product offerings mix, understanding the critical processes and optimizing them and maximizing the selling opportunities.

Key Takeaways: Getting basic strategy elements on a drawing board and identifying critical success factors

Developing an operational business plan that allows understanding of scale-up

Understand how to strategize for risk management

Strategizing to avoid a potential debt trap.

Choosing complementary partners to scale up

How to develop stimulus around the product & strategy for scalability at different stages of the business and customer life cycle?
1530 – 1545 Hrs Tea/Coffee Break
1545 – 1700 Hrs SESSION – IV

In search of El Dorado: Finding the opportunities in the Marketplace

Session Objectives: The focus of this session will be to assist the entrepreneurs in unlocking the ability to identify the next opportunity; at the start of their journeys as well as subsequent needs for scaling.

Session Outline: How does an entrepreneur identify the opportunity to scale? What must an entrepreneur listen to and what should they discard when looking to scale? Is the current customer important or the promise of the new one? What are the challenges that manifest themselves, as the need to scale unfolds?

Key Takeaways: Understand the triggers for growth, when is it necessary to plan and execute for growth

Track evolving customer needs, and looking at them for new opportunities.

What are the enablers Technology, Peers/Competition or Mentors
1700 Onwards Parallel Session / Tracks

13th December 2017 (DAY-2)

0930 – 1030 Hrs Interactive Mentor Sessions

Parallel Mentor Tracks with leading Magnet Mentors
1030 – 1100 Hrs Networking Tea/ Coffee
1100 – 1200 Hrs SESSION - V

Getting the name out: Role of Digital Media in Brand Building

Session Objectives: Establish importance of brand visibility for Startups & leveraging digital media to build traction with customers.

Session Outline: How does an entrepreneur drive higher traction with his/her customer base? The marketplace is a clutter, the incumbent and their existing competitors have snatched every eyeball there is to be taken. How does an entrepreneur create brand presence in this clutter? What is the role of digital in brand building? How can an entrepreneur leverage digital media to create awareness and traction with their offerings?

Key Takeaways: Role of digital media in creating a level playing field for first generation entrepreneurs

What works? How can digital help startups get their message out & build credibility? Ideate about some innovative brand building ideas.
1200 – 1330 Hrs SESSION - VI

Pitching Right: Accessing Growth Capital

Session Objectives: The session will assist entrepreneurs in understanding the process behind raising capital. When should they look for growth capital and what should they look out for while raising money. Two 30 minute mini sessions, one dedicated to an entrepreneur who has raised funds successfully recently and another to a VC, will allow the audience to appreciate the various issues linked to raising capital and willing to invest capital. It will also talk about how to effectively sell your story to lure the potential investor.

Session Outline: Funding is a critical component of growth, and often entrepreneurs are unlikely to know when this tiger needs to be tamed. Quantum of capital and who it is raised from, is likely to make a big difference to the eventual growth and sustainability of the company. What can an investor provide to the entrepreneur apart from money, and how important is this intangible?

Key Takeaways: Who do I pitch to and what do I pitch for? Answering the Billion dollar question

What should an entrepreneur look for in an investor, what are the guiding dynamics of this relationship?

How do I pitch so that my story stands out from the crowd.
1330 – 1430 Hrs Networking Lunch
1430 – 1530 Hrs Valedictory Session