12-13 December 2017|CII-SNCEL, Kolkata

In the “New India” that has emerged over the last two decades following liberalization, globalization, innovations and technology led disruptions, there has been an explosion of entrepreneurship in the economy. In this “New India” First Generation Entrepreneurs and Start-ups including growth of new businesses within the traditional family business structures have become determining forces.

While many successful businesses are built by First Generation Entrepreneurs, there can also be extremely vulnerable to higher levels of failure, in large parts because of their difficulty in scaling beyond initial levels of success. The differentiator is often their challenges of tapping into a supporting eco-system for guidance and course correction. Absence of structured knowledge about the know-hows of scaling up and support systems and facilitation services initiates a vicious cycle of multiple and repeated premature and ill-planned or ad-hoc business decisions to scale and sustain.

Join this Conference to learn valuable lessons on the scaling up journey from Entrepreneur to an Enterprises (E2E) and meet key players who can facilitate it.

Key Discussions

  • Future of Future: Meta trends that will govern the bold new world
  • Policy & the First Generation Entrepreneur
  • Getting the Strategy Right: The Bridge to Success & Sustainability
  • In search of El Dorado: Finding the Opportunities in the Marketplace
  • Getting the Name Out: Role of Digital Media in Brand Building
  • Pitching Right: Accessing Growth Capital
  • Managing Failure
  • Getting the Talent Puzzle Right

Who Should Join

  • Businesses which have moved beyond seed-funding and are looking at further opportunities for capacity building and addressing issues relating to scaling up
  • SMEs which need access to facilitation services that can help scale-up and thrive in a competitive environment
  • Established companies started by 1st gen entrepreneurs
  • New business line / diversification of established family businesses led by new gen entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem including Funding Agencies, Mentors, Consultants etc.

Special Attractions

  • Walk the Talk: Insights into an Entrepreneur’s journey
  • Interactive Mentor Sessions
  • Prefixed One-to-One Interactions